The Bunker

$25 per Person 1 hour

  Ages 12+   $25 per Person
  Difficult   Up to 10 People

You MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation. Late arrivals will not be admitted. NO REFUNDS.

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Thinking they were safe inside their evacuation bunkers, the remaining employees of Virogenix Corp settled in to ride out the most recent wave of accidents that have plagued the facility. However, a masked stranger has revealed his plan to bring Virogenix to it knees with one more trick up his sleeve.

After successfully uploading a computer virus into your bunker’s computer, all the automated systems have been taken offline, including the air scrubber. The air scrubber is the only supply of clean breathable air, inside the tightly sealed bunker. As oxygen supplies decrease, you must find a way to get the automated systems back online.

Hurry, you only have 1 hour of breathable air remaining, and every breath counts.