Simon’s Room

$35 per Person 60 minutes

  Ages 10+   $35 per Person
  Moderate   Up to 10 People

You MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation. Late arrivals will not be admitted. NO REFUNDS.

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From the deepest darkest recesses of a twisted mind, Simon’s Room has been created from the ground up to no only test your puzzle solving abilities but your courage and stupidity as well.

Simon was not your normal child, growing up. Many people, including his parents and teachers, thought it was a phase he would outgrow. Little did they know that he would “grow up” to become a legend of gigantic proportions. We ain’t talking about his size either. Plus, it would be an understatement to call him a serial killer.

A few of Simon’s childhood friends simply disappeared and where never seen again. Over the years many people have found themselves entrapped by Simon’s devilishly clever traps. Your friend has now been added to Simon’s guest list. You have 60 minutes to free your friend from Simon’s twisted trap that will prove to be his demise, unless you solve the puzzles necessary to free him.

This will be no simple task. Do you have what it takes? Simon says, “Book Now.”