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  1. Nothing comes off the walls (Art, Mirrors, etc). There’s nothing behind them, don’t do it although you may really want too
  2. No climbing on furniture, everything is in your reach
  3. If an item gives resistance when pulled, it shouldn’t be pulled or moved
  4. Electric outlets are not a part of the game. Please do not touch them or stick anything inside them
  5. If you see a “Do Not Touch” symbol/sticker on an item, that item isn’t to be touched or moved. It’s not part of the game
  6. No cellphones or pictures or videos
  7. No cursing
  8. No destructive behavior, you will be asked to leave if you willfully destroy property and not refunded
  9. Don’t touch the cameras, video or voice monitors, they’re not a part of the game. They are there for us to hear and see you to help you with your game
  10. There is an emergency exit button on the wall for you to use at any time you need to leave the room. Please note that the time will continue to count down once started if you do leave the room
  11. No one visibly intoxicated will be allowed to play. You need all your brain cells to figure this out.
  12. No Refunds