Our Mission

Escape Room PSL is owned by two local Entrepreneurs who fell in love with the idea and thought the area could use some more choices in entertainment. Our goal is to have 3 or 4 rooms fully operational by the end of the year. Each room will have great story lines added with visual and sound effects to make the experience exciting! We will continue to switch up the rooms with new ideas and stories to keep the public coming back for more!

Our Values

Escape Room PSL also wants to give back to the local community that has been so great to them. We will be actively involved in giving back to local charities, such as The Boys and Girls Club, that has helped make our community a better place.

Our Founders

Nathan Lacombe moved down to The Sunny State from Maine in 2011. He got involved with his family business, Monkey C Monkey Do, the first outdoor family adventure park in Maine in 2010. He fell in love with the business and wanted to bring the seasonal business to Florida so it could take advantage of the weather and could be open year round. After running into lots of “red tape” he put the project on hold and got involved with Home/Business Automation and Security. Today he is one of the owners and partners of Vortex Security, one of the fastest growing Security/Automation companies in Florida.

Nathan’s father, Roland Lacombe, stumbled upon the idea of Escape Rooms and opened one in Brunswick, Maine. He shared the idea with his son Nathan who wanted to bring the idea and business back to his community. He partnered with a friend Bob Kantor, who he knew from a local business networking group, Dollars And Sense. Together they moved forward to open, Escape Room PSL.

Bob Kantor was born and raised in New York city where he owned a bar and restaurant before moving to Florida in 1980. Once here he started working in the floor covering business and then opened his own store, which he owned for over 20 years. In 2014 he sold his successful flooring business to a close friend and retired.

Excited by the opportunity of opening a new business presented to him by friend and business associate Nathan Lacombe, Bob was pulled out of retirement. He is happy to bring this exciting new adventure business to Port St Lucie and the Treasure Coast.